LinkedIn Adds Employee Activity Tag To Activity Notifications

When I arrived into work this morning, I noticed that LinkedIn has added a little tag on its company page activity notifications to let the page owner or social media specialist know that the activity noted has come from an employee.

I kind of like it. I think a lot of employees will be engaging with their company’s LinkedIn page so it makes sense that the employee activity should be noted too.

Facebook Has Finally Removed The 20% Text Limit On Image Ads

For a long time Facebook has had a 20% text limit on its image ads meaning ads that breach this rule would not run on the platform. This was an annoying feature as it means that you can’t advertise a specific offer or product in detail.

The reasoning for this restriction was that images with less than 20% text performed better on the ad platform. However, over the years this has changed so now Facebook has finally decided to get rid of the limit.

The 20% text limit has been an annoying feature for a really long time. At the start of the limit, there was no way to know if the limit was reached without uploading the image to Facebook. The platform released the Text Overlay Tool to try to get rid of this frustration, which checked the image and provided feedback.

Needless to say if Facebook has decided to get rid of the 20% text limit then I will be very happy.